Wizamet Razor Blades in Bulk at Wholesale Prices


Buy Wizamet super iridium razor blades in Bulk at Wholesale Prices from SUPER IRIDIUM, the first international distributor of Wizamet Super Iridium Blades.

SUPER IRIDIUM Offer high-quality safety razor blades, our main product is Wizamet Super Iridium Double edge razor blades by Gillette. 
After the success we have achieved for our customers around the world, we publish a piece of new news to the companies.
We start our business model B2B (business-to-business) services to companies that wish to partner with us around the world.

if you want to Buy Wizamet Blades in Bulk at Wholesale Prices SUPER IRIDIUM is in the right place for you, all you need is to create your business account and we send you our catalog including Wholesale prices and shipping costs.

For more information please contact us at [email protected] and we will be in touch with you quickly.

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